Saturday, March 18, 2017

Motivational Quote - March 17 2017

People change. If your beliefs at 80 are the same as they were when you were 8, something is terribly wrong. Often, people change due to a heartbreak or due to an open mind. In my personal opinion, both are related. If heart breaks, mind opens and if mind opens, heart breaks. It is pain in either case. The best way to deal with such situations is to let go of things.
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Motivational Quote - March 18 2017

You are smarter than you know. Most of us use only 10% of our minds. Out of which, a large fraction goes towards interpreting what you see and hear. To start using the brain to its fullest capacity, break the limits & shed your beliefs.
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Monday, March 13, 2017

Motivation Quote March 10 2017

Motivational quote shared on March 10, 2017...
People say make mistakes and learn. While you cannot always avoid mistakes, you can take clues from people around you and use their experience to enhance your own experience. This would translate to better observing skills. You can also read about your ideals and see what they went through that you would want to avoid. Trial and Error system to learn, takes up much time.
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Motivation Quote March 11 2017

Motivation Quote shared on March 11- 2017: For balloons that fly high, it is the inside gas that matters. The steam inside makes it go upwards while the direction of wind can be utilized to steer the balloon. There is nothing outside expect for the rubber of which, the balloon is made.
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Motivation Quote March 12 2017

Motivation Quote shared on March 12 2017 - I do not really agree with the above quote though. I don't know who said it and thought it looks practical, everyone needs someone. If you start quitting peoples' lives, you may end up alone. Not to mention that the person you leave may be holding you in high esteem and hence might get hurt.
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Motivation Quote March 13 2017

Motivation quote shared on March 13 2017 - The answer to any question depends on whom you are asking. Each of us have a different experience of same events.
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