Our Force

Who is behind Powercut India Group? It is you and millions of you who provide us with motivation to achieve things. Without the people power, Powercut India Group is nothing. You've been an excellent support as well as a motivation for many of our endeavors online and offline, profit or non-profit.

We will take a moment of yours to thank you for the support and motivation you have been for us. We believe this will continue and together, you and we will be a strong community that is not dependent on external aids. Thank you again!


A) General Inquiries: customer.support@powercutgroup.com

B) Join our mental health helpline
              a) If you are a practitioner willing to assist people, please drop a mail to initiative@powercutmedia.com
               b) For accessing the mental health and relationships helpline, use powercut@powercutmedia.com or Whatsapp number +9181215241; Visit Mental Health Helpline page to know more about the initiative.

C) To talk to the operations manager any time, simply drop a note to arun@powercutmedia.com