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1. Send a mail to powercut@powercutmedia.com anonymously

2. Save +91 81 79 215 241 to your Whatsapp Contacts and start chatting. If you don't have Whatsapp, download it from the store related to your phone's brand. It takes only a moment to set it up

We are bringing in a toll free voice helpline soon.

We are offline from 10:00 PM to 10:00 AM so some cases may have to wait until it is morning. But emergencies happen. If it is really urgent, call +918179215241 using Whatsapp only to reach a counselor. We'll connect you to doctors or social workers even if it means waking them up at night. They're nice people who value others' emotions and are always ready to assist. Conventional/Normal calls to this number might not connect so please use Whatsapp.

Online relationship counseling
Online free/discounted relationship counseling

Strong feelings, a traumatized childhood, and strained relationships can spoil anyone's health. Having witnessed how entire families break under pressure, we offer discounted or free counseling for mental health and relationship issues. The idea is to help everyone access mental health care counseling and relationship counseling either for free or without having to spend much.

online mental health & relationship counseling
Don't worry,
It is gonna be OK!

Online Mental Health & Relationship Counseling - Charges

Though the service is free, some doctors and social workers may charge a nominal fee. We try to fill in the fee amount by donating part of our profits to the initiative. Some doctors on panel, who have volunteered for this initiative, do not charge anything for providing online mental health & relationship counseling.

If you are a doctor willing to join this initiative, please contact us. We intend to keep it non-profit forever.

Relationship advice and Mental Health - Availability

Right now, the online relationship counseling service is available in India and Pakistan only. We will add other countries as soon as we have doctors, social workers and psychologists from those countries with us. Employing the same set of psychologists across the world is not possible because the cultural values vary from place to place. We want the best mental healthcare & relationship advice for everyone contacting us for assistance.