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Online Presence Management: The PowercutIN Way

Please read the summary of online presence management or use the links under "On This Page" to navigate and know what all we can do for you. Before you start, just a line - "Contact for everything Internet!"

Summary - Online Presence Management

Not literally, but if Google doesn't return a few results when people search for you, your existence doesn't matter for a majority. That shouldn't mean you must be spending all your time online. No! You have your work to do. You have a life to live. Contact us for your online presence management. We won't start tweeting on your behalf rightaway. We will look into your needs and come up with a customized plan to handle your online presence.

We create an optimal plan for you so that people can easily find you online. It is not a "set up and forget" algorithm but it is not a grind either. To us, your online presence management means a succinct and smart plan that you can use to improve your reach online and thereby, offline.

You can later decide if you would go about managing things yourself or whether you would hire any agency. We don't recommend handling it to agencies unless volume of online interaction is too high. A personal touch always goes a long way when it comes to promoting yourself anywhere - online or offline.

There are plenty of costly courses online that tell you about online presence management. Believe us, the need of every entrepreneur and professional is different. You can't simply cannot create a "One Fit for All" template. Should you focus on phones or PCs? What will a lawyer do on Pinterest to increase his online reach? Is LinkedIN relevant to an aspiring singer? Contact us for a customized plan

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1. Pre-Launch Issues

It is not just what all do you need for an online presence. No. It is a bit more. We'll be there to assist you in designing a logo, naming your business, and maybe even with funding if you are in India.

We assist with business trademarks' registration as well. Need a partnership deed? Ask us for the format or for a draft that you can actually use.

That is to say, we assist you in starting your business - online or offline and then take you online by creating a customized plan based on what will suit you. Contact us if you need assistance with business or profession pre-launch issues.

2. Social Media Presence Management for Individuals: Entertainers, Authors, Doctors, Lawyers, and Entrepreneurs

Social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, are the best methods to engage with your audience or prospects, as the case may be. There are many other platforms such as LinkedIN, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Pype, So.Cl, Goodreads, and more - in addition to local listings. Talking of local listings, focus both on Google Maps (Google Business) and on local classifieds sites & papers.

We'll tell you what all tools to use and how. We'll tell you how to go about building an online presence without having to spend a fortune on it. It is organic (auto) to the extent we can keep it. Of course, there are some tips and tricks that catalyze your growth and some people don't recommend them (whilst using those tricks for themselves anyway). It depends on you if you wish to use the tips we provide dynamically, as and when required - by constantly measuring your growth.

You can see it is not a one time 'set up and forget thing'. We'll explain how to go about achieving things. You can do it yourself or ask an agency to handle it for you. Unless the volume is too high, it is always better to add a personal touch to your posts, especially to post and comment replies.

We keep on studying your growth and provide you with tweaks as and when required. So that's kind of ongoing work but you don't have to pay always. Contact us for details.

3. Blog Management - with SEO

It is good to have a blog. But it is not always necessary. It depends on what you are aiming. When we create the online presence management action plan for you, we'll see if you need to get into blogging. And if yes, how to manage the blog - given that you may be a busy entrepreneur.

We'll also tell you what topics go well with different professions. This is just for the marketing purpose. You can always have a blog that is not related to your profession but to your hobbies or something else. Well, we help with that too.

Basically, the questions we'll address are:

a) Do you really need a blog?

b) What topics should you cover?

c) How to appear in Search Engine Results?

d) Do you need any additional methods to promote your blog? If yes, what could be those additional methods?

e) Does the blog need to run on your official site or can it be kept separate?

f) What platform to use for your blog - free or paid and if paid, where to host?

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4. Appear Wherever Relevant - YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes, Amazon, GoodReads and Domestic Portals

The Internet is huge. It contains many platforms that help you achieve more. These platforms vary according to business and profession.

If you are a singer, you will want to be on SoundCloud and at least iTunes if not on YouTube (In case you can't afford videos; There are always methods to do something you really want; You just need to make up your mind). There are services like Songtrader etc that help you in selling your music across multiple platforms.  In case of creative & performing arts, you'll also have to make sure nobody is infringing your copyrights.

There are plenty of things that can distract you from your main business. And these may be important or, at least, used well to project your profession and talent. Platform selection changes with profession. A doctor won't need to have a presence on iTunes unless he or she is into selling audio lectures that help people live better.
Besides the above general platforms, you should list yourself on different local platforms. For example, if you are a doctor, you have to be on the local classifieds that people use before visiting any clinic. You need to have good reviews and good ratings. How do you get people to leave you a review and rating?

Contact us to know where to start and how to proceed.

When it comes to online presence management, trust us to assist you in all ways possible - spending as less as you can. Not every entity is greedy. We take pleasure in being part of your journey to success.

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