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Reputation is everything if you want to project yourself as a brand online. We scan the Internet for posts and articles that might show you or your brand in negative light. More than posting things online, Online Reputation Management is about removing anything that portrays you or your brand in bad light.

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You can do it yourself by setting up Google Alerts for your name, pen-name, nick-name, email IDs, and phone numbers. You also need to be careful not to post anything bad on the Internet. But we all have our 'weak moments'. These weak moments make us post things to the Internet, that we regret later.

Of course, you can go ahead and delete such posts that you regret posting. However, damage is already done, especially  if you are popular. This is where you need help to regain your offline and online reputation.

It is important because if you are a brand, your market will research you thoroughly on the Internet before believing you. In case of individuals aspiring for jobs with MNCs, it is necessary that they come clean when hiring management looks them up on the Internet.

Basically online reputation management can be categorized under two headings:
1. Watching the Internet for anything that portrays you or your brand in negative light.
2. Damage Control in case anything bad happens, either you yourself posting something in bad taste or someone else trying to malign you.

With over 10 years of experience in managing brand reputation online and offline, we can assist you with enhanced and cleaner online presence. For details and quotes, drop us a note.