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Our Vision

Welcome to Powercut India Group
🌏 Let's make it a better world 🌏

Our vision at Powercut India Group is to assist people in achieving their goals - long or short term. If you have been following our activities, you already know Powercut India Group has the following aims.

1. Our deepest desire is to empower people and assist them in taking care of their issues properly. The base idea is to create a self-sufficient community that can help its members with different issues - from education and career to health, legal, finances, and more.

We attempt to bring people close to each other. It is not a rebellion to want a community that guides you towards self-sufficiency.

We are not against government nor do we intend to create a parallel system. Instead, we'll be working with the Indian government to provide for people's necessities. If interested in joining us, please fill in the following form (or simply tap this link on your smartphone):

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2. To people dealing with mental health & relationship issues, we arrange free and discounted counseling. This is limited to people who can't afford psychologists and social workers on an ongoing basis. We haven't categorized people nor do we ask for income proof. It's just mutual confidence. Please see the online Mental Health & Relationship Advice page on this site.

3. More than profits, we are interested in assisting others fulfill their dreams. We work with entrepreneurs, doctors, artists etc. individuals, and their businesses on different issues - from pre-launch issues for online branding (digital/online & social media marketing) to online reputation management and everything in between.

We are working on more issues under our mission specified in the first point above. We intend to assist startups and entrepreneurs who cannot avail assistance from the Government of India for reasons known to the government & bureaucracy only. We will figure out something soon. Please check this page in a few months or drop a mail to PowercutIN