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1. Online Editing and Proofreading Services for ESL authors (only)
2. Information about the editing, proofreading, and formatting service we provide to ESL authors

Important Features of Online Editing Service offered by Powercut Media (IN)

1. Grasping your writing style so that we can make minor corrections without having to return the manuscript to the author for revision
2. Making sure the writing style is consistent throughout
3. Editing out unnecessary details so that your audience has a great time reading your book
4. Researching to confirm the information you provide in your book
5. It goes without saying, we will proofread and format the book to provide you with table of contents (and appendix if required)

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Online Editing Service for ESL authors


 online Editing Service for ESL authors
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We are now offering affordable editing and proof-reading services to ESL authors (only); ESL stands for English as Second Language; This project covers authors whose first language and mother tongue is not English.

Online Editing & Proofreading Services

The best way for availing this service is to team up with us since the inception of your book idea. We guide you in creating an outline of the manuscript. We cross check facts and research extra so that your books - fiction or non-fiction - do not drift away from the situations you want in your manuscript. That is to say, if you create a situation based on your research, we'll research before confirming it so that it looks realistic.

As we read your manuscript, we grasp your writing style. For minor corrections, we may use your style of writing to make sure the style is consistent throughout the manuscript. We don't make any changes without the consent of author of the manuscript. We mark and send back major revisions so that you can change things in your own style. In case a consistent style is missing, we'll consult you before using the standard Associated Press Style Guide.

The online editing service is available for both British and US English, though we prefer the latter as it is widespread. It is up to the author and his/her market/audience. FYI, we believe in keeping manuscripts - fiction as well as non-fiction - free of fluff. You can count on us to draft your manuscript into a compelling read that does not have any distractions.

That's all about the online editing and proofreading services we are offering to ESL authors. Get into touch; email PowercutIN and let us know how we can help you.